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Identity misuse

Identity misuse exists when a person uses the identity of another existing person (name and date of birth) by using a document certifying identity and/or status issued to another person. In those cases the Member State that has entered the alert in SIS II adds additional data concerning the person, subject to an identity misuse. The SIRENE Bureau process the data with the express consent of the individual mentioned above. The data is used as follows:
1. to allow the competent authorities to distinguish the person whose identity has been misused, from  the person who is intended as the subject to the alert and has used stolen identity;
2. to allow the person whose identity has been misused to prove his/her identity and establish that his/her identity has been misused.
The data include: surname and fore name, name at birth, previously used names and aliases, which could be entered separately; distinguishable face features; date and place of birth; sex; photographs; fingerprints; nationality/es; serial number of the ID document/s and date of issue.
The aforementioned data, which has been added to a SIS II alert, could be erased either together with the alert, or earlier, provided the person, subject to the identity misuse requests that. The additional data processed by the SIRENE Bureau should be erased after the respective alert has been erased, or when the subject to the identity misuse requests that.
In any case when the end-user of SIS II has doubts in the identity of the person (especially when there is a confirmed match regarding the alias or there is an alert for a person, subject to identity misuse), his/her identity is checked, using an identification material. An expert performs an authenticity check on an ID document, when needed. The end-users should contact the SIRENE Bureau when additional information is needed with regard to the data, concerning the person, subject to identity misuse or when a sample for identification is necessary for confirming the identity of the person under question. Additional information can be requested when there is a difference between the data entered in SIS II and the data on the ID document (serial number, date of issue). When the identity of the person under question cannot be confirmed, he/she could be detained for 24 hours.

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