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N.SIS II retention period of alerts

Alerts for persons and property, entered in N.SIS II are kept only for the exact period that is necessary for achieving the purposes, which they were entered for, as follows:
1. alerts on persons are kept for three years following the alert entry, and alerts on discreet surveillance or specific control of persons - one year after their entry;
2. alerts on objects, subject to seizure, or to be used as evidence in a prosecution,are kept for a period of ten years from the date of their entry;
3. alerts on motor vehicles, ships aircrafts and containers, for the purposes of specific control and discreet surveillance, based on a request from the competent authorities for protecting national security, public order or a judicial authority, could be retained up to five years from the date they have been entered.
The alert could be kept longer, when this is necessary for achieving the purposes for which the alert has been entered. The necessity for further retention of the alerts, concerning persons, shall be reviewed bythe authority that has entered the alertone month before the respective deadlines.
N.SIS II keeps information about the number of alerts that have to be kept longer.
SIS II alerts shall automatically be erased after a specified storage period in case of no necessity for their further storage.

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