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Rights of individuals

The right of information, rectification and deletion of data shall be exercised, according to the Law for Protection of Personal Data, when the data is imported in NVIS and EU VIS (after Bulgaria`s accession to the Schengen area) by designated national authorities, according to the Ordinance for Access to the National Visa Information System of the Republic of Bulgaria and the Visa Information System of the European Union.
Every person has the right to be informed about the data, related to him, which is imported in EU VIS, and the Member State which has transmitted them to the EU VIS. Access to these data may be granted only by the Member State which has imported them. The person could request inaccurate data related to him to be rectified and the data recorded unlawfully be deleted.
The Member State, which has imported the data, is the only one subject who could rectify or delete it.

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