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National Visa Information System

The National Visa Information System (NVIS) is an automated information system for the retention and processing of data from visa applications, including decisions on them, received by the Consular offices of the Bulgarian missions abroad, and for issuing visas at the Bulgarian border checkpoints. NVIS provides retention and processing of data, containing in applications for issuing Bulgarian identity documents, received by the Consular offices of Bulgarian missions abroad, as well as data for other Consular offices.
Controller of the system is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – National Visa Center to the Directorate "Consular Relations".
Biometric data (photographs and fingerprints) of visa applicants, and information on issued, declined, canceled, revoked or extended visas is kept in the system. NVIS data is kept for five years.
Bulgaria will gain access and will be able to use and import data in the EU Visa Information System, after the EU Council adopts a Decision on the full application of the Schengen acquis in Bulgaria.

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