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International cooperation

The international cooperation with similar supervisory authority is a part of the duties of each data protection supervisory authority. As per the provision of Art. 10, paragraph 1, p. 11 of the Law for Protection of Personal Data, CPDP has the power to participate in the activities of the international organisations on issues related to the protection of personal data.
CPDP cooperates with other supervisory authorities within the working groups of the EU and the Council of Europe. It participates actively at the activities of the Art. 29 Working Group and all of its subgroups. Along the lines of the cooperation of the Schengen acquis, the Commission for Personal Data Protection participates in the activities of the Schengen Information System II Supervision Coordination Group and Visa Information System Supervision Coordination Group.
CPDP is a Member of the Joint Supervisory Body Europol, Joint Supervisory Authority “Customs”, Supervision Coordination Groups Eurodac, Internal Market Information System and Customs Information System.
CPDP is a Member of the International Privacy Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners, the International Working Group on Data Protection in Telecommunications, the Central Eastern Europe Data Protection Authorities Conference, the Spring Conference of European Data Protection Authorities.
Representatives of the CPDP participate in the activity of the Case-handling Workshop, Police Cooperation Convention Southeast Europe (PCC SEE) Working Group on Data Protection, Ad hoc Committee for Modernisation of Convention 108 for the Protection of Individuals with regard to Automatic Processing of Personal Data.

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