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CPDP introduces anti-epidemic measures against the spread of COVID-19

Due to the complicated epidemic situation and the need for introducing anti-epidemic measures against the spread of COVID-19, CPDP has taken a number of technical and organizational measures to protect its staff and visitors in the building of the institution. A crisis staff has been set up to follow the information from the National Coronavirus Operational Headquarters and the recommendations and orders of the competent state authorities.
Admission control measures are being strengthened as follows: the security guard will measure the body temperature of each CPDP employee and every visitor to CPDP (such as employees of other institutions, military personnel, canteen staff, suppliers, couriers, participants in administrative proceedings and other citizens requesting CPDP’s administrative services) and will admit only persons not having a high body temperature.
Until 31 March 2020, CPDP public meetings will be held in accordance with a procedure established by the Commission only with the attendance of participants in the respective administrative proceedings, not admitting other external persons.
Until 31 March 2020, the participation of CPDP representatives in court sessions and international working groups and initiatives, as well as the performance of on-the-spot checks, is suspended.
We recommend that the communication with the institution in the period of enhanced anti-epidemic measures be carried out remotely as far as possible, using the means available for that purpose.

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