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National Schengen Information System (N.SIS II)

The Ministry of Interior of Republic of Bulgaria sets up, maintains and operates the National Schengen Information System of Republic of Bulgaria (N.SIS II). The System provides exchange of information in SIS II between the countries implementing the Schengen legislation, aiming at national security and public order protection, management of external Schengen borders control, and assistance to police and judicial cooperation.
N.SIS II is an automated information data base system comprising of:
1. Search Activity Automated Information System of the Ministry of Interior (SAAIS) – The system contains the national alerts for missing persons, persons and objects under control, as well as for persons from third countries with imposed compulsory administrative measures. The SAAIS provides the information exchange in SIS II.
2.  National Interface for Connection/Connecting with SIS II (NI. SIS II) – it handles the exchange of alerts between N.SIS II and SIS II.
3. Technical procedures for automated exchange of information in the SIRENE Bureau (SIRENE – Supplementary Information Request at the National Entries) – the SIRENE Bureau is a unit at the International Operational Cooperation Directorate of the Ministry of Interior. Its main purpose is the exchange of additional information between the Republic of Bulgaria and the other Member States with regard to the alerts in SIS II.

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